Coronavirus Intubation Defender (Co.V.I.D.)

Protecting Maryland Frontline Medical Staff

Donate to Keep Medical Workers Safe

Every donation helps us produce additional Co.V.I.D. units and distributes them to the hospitals and medical facilities where they’re needed most.

Intubation Risk

Intubation is critical to treating patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms but can put medical staff at risk. During the life-saving procedure, particles are aerosolized and expelled from the patient’s throat, potentially exposing the very medical personnel treating the patient to COVID-19. 

Intubation boxes, like Co.V.I.D., are a simple solution that can help protect doctors, nurses and other frontline medical workers. These boxes allow a patient to be safely intubated, while limiting the spread of aerosolized COVID-19 particles by containing them within the box.

$140 Delivers Protection to the Hospital of your Choice

Each box is produced in state by a medical-grade manufacturer in White Marsh, Maryland. Production lead time is three days. As communities brace for the height of the curve it is more crucial than ever to help our medical workers get the protection they need to continue this fight.

Doctors Behind CoVID Defender

Ron Elfenbein, M.D., is an ER doctor in Maryland, who grew increasingly concerned about the risk to medical professionals pulled into the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To solve this problem, Elfenbein, and a colleague hand-built prototypes of protective units called “intubation boxes” using open-sourced blueprints.

To date the pair have placed CoVID Defenders at eight area hospitals and are fielding requests other medical facilities within Maryland and around the country.

Co.V.I.D. Defender

Protecting Maryland Frontline Medical Staff

Since it was not possible to receive IRS approval of our 501(c)(3)  non-profit status rapidly, we have set up a bank account at Howard Bank in the name of Help the Frontlines , LLC. Every penny of your donation will be spent on getting a Help the Frontlines intubation box to the hospital of your choice. There is absolutely no profit being made, no “cut,” no “administrative fees.” We need every dollar to send as many intubation boxes as possible to our hospitals.